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For an Awakening Humanity

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Clinical Hypnotherapist.
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Energy healing, chakra cleansing, balancing and alignment
Non dualistic sharing - a reminder of our unity consciousness


Hi I'm Melanie. I have a hypnotherapy practice in Brisbane Northside. I'd love to welcome you in to a safe, healing space to explore your own healing potential. With almost 30 years experience in the field of the mind/body connection I have much to share. It is my lifes work and sincere pleasure to guide you in realising what we really are beyond our limited inner perceptual dynamics (thoughts, sensations & emotions) and as a direct result potentially facilitate beneficial changes in your life, by integrating generational energetic blocks/ lack beliefs.

We are whatever we believe we are!

Hypnotherapy can be especially beneficial for calming the fearful nervous system. Anxiety and depression, not surprisingly, is a seeming epidemic in todays busy culture. The human mind has seemingly disconnected us from our essential, vibrant, alive nature and innate wellbeing! Our Soul essence.

Hypnotherapy to remind you of natural confidence and strength to allow your life force energy to flow freely. Brisbane Northside

About My Journey

My path of seeking the inner balance, peace, freedom and trust to just 'be myself', started over 30 years ago.. I was sufferingly greatly; I had physical illness, chronic anxiety and depression and felt like a fish out of water in life. I wanted my life to end, I didn't want to die but I wanted MY interpretation of LIFE to end (I wanted the pain to end). Through my suffering I left no stone unturned attempting to understand the human psyche! so that I could find a way to feeling better. I discovered that you can't THINK your way to FEELING better!  My journey led through hypnosis, psychology, philosophy, religion, yoga, weird cult like esoteric teachings!!!, meditation, spirituality, buddhist philosophy, quantum mechanics (to name a few :)) It became glaringly obvious that THOUGHTS ARE NOT FUNDAMENTALLY TRUE, like an opinion is not fundamentally true (obviously). Our thoughts are a mechanical byproduct of our beliefs and our beliefs have been conditioned in through experience and genetics (our program).Through slowing things down we can begin to access neutral, unconditional perception, pure unconditional love and take a step back and create some space so as to begin to first identify, then curiously explore our existing limiting subconscious beliefs & energetic road blocks about ourselves, life and others. As we cease believing or attaching to damaging beliefs; they can begin to dissipate and integrate. Our attachment to beliefs energises them & sustains their reality. Without doubt our true nature is happiness, innocence and freedom and it's the natural state to feel loved, safe and free to Be Yourself.

Susan B

Melanie is an experienced, highly effective client-focused therapist.  She has an exceptional way of identifying the root causes of situations, helps you through those events, and provides excellent after care strategies.  Highly recommended.

Anca M

a place where love and light shines upon yourSelf,.. Melanie’s gentle, caring and loving way to help, support and guide is blissful, a true transformation of what the soul seeks


 Melanie is somehow able to read a problem accurately and work energetically to make it different. Most energy workers create a temporary shift. Melanie exercises the ability to address problems on a level that actually transforms them at their base by identifying the initial trauma and holding that with unprecedented sensitivity and compassion

Contact Me

Call or text to make an appointment today.

You deserve to feel contented and free.

I conduct sessions via zoom, skype, phone or in person.

Melanie Barrett Hypnotherapy

18 Peterson Place

Bridgeman Downs

Brisbane 4035

Drop me a line with any questions you may have....or text  0432 659 044

or email -

0432 659 044

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