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Areas of Exploration

Stress and anxiety management through Mindfulness - calming the nervous system (nervous system trauma therapy)

Improving self confidence & motivation

Deep Relaxation therapy


Exploring fearful emotions and unwanted habits of behaviour

Fears and phobias


Trauma therapy

Inner child work

Meditation training

Exploring through layers to reveal and experience your original essence

Exploring perceived barriers to contentment

Integrating shadow

Hypnosis  Therapy

When the conscious mind is relaxed and open we can gain access to the subconscious realms. Here we can begin to bring in to the light of our awareness limiting beliefs that are suppressing/ restricting our life force energy. Our life force is our inherent, natural biological resource to 'heal'. Essentially to return to our natural state of balance and equilibrium. By exploring and revealing outdated, unproductive ways of thinking and behaving we can begin to live a freer, healthier and contented life. We begin to lve 'in flow,'

Emotional Freedom Therapy

By tapping on and stimulating specific meridian points and focusing on situations or people that represent personal fear or emotional trauma (energy blocks), repressed emotions can be released and integrated. The image, memory or situation that causes emotional reactivity can then lose its charge. 

Distressing thoughts or images are just the bodies way of trying to bring your conscious attention to some unprocessed, unintegrated emotions. In order to integrate, suppressed emotions need to come to full completion.

Everything is energy. When energy is flowing freely our systems naturally self correct. As a result we feel freer, more relaxed, lighter and more content.

My Approach

My therapy is based on the premise that we began life already whole, well, innocent, free & complete (consciousness itself), and that is still our in tact, true nature (pure potential) before false ‘believed’ (our karmic package :))ideas about ourselves and lifes' appearances.


These believed ideas that have been conditioned in by life about ourselves form our identity structure, it is a protective mechanism. We live life through a kind of pseudo experience. We are thinking ‘about’ and imagining reality based on our schemas (beliefs) instead of actually experiencing reality directly. We are perceiving life through an outdated, dirty lens. We become trapped in a cycle of perpetual avoidance of pain and seeking for pleasure.


Reality, presence, your true nature, is always boundless, free, neutral and expansive, even while not so enjoyable thoughts,emotions and sensations are happening. 

Again, it is my contention that we all have the innate capacity (pure potential) to heal mentally, emotionally and physically when given the support, nurturing space and guidance. When we reconnect to what, who we really are.

Once guided to the subconscious state our innate capacity to create equilibrium/balance throughout our energy system can be accessed. The body/mind organism is given the space to thereby potentially heal itself.

I, in no way claim to diagnose or cure any medical condition or mental illness. Hypnotherapy and mindfulness in no way replaces standard medical procedures, it works in conjunction with.

My Approach
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