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An awakening humanity

At our essential level we already are the pure, infinite, empty clarity of awareness ‘experiencing’ life through a human lens; a ‘seemingly’ singular perspective (‘seemingly’ being the operative word). We could call this essential source level - soul. Our essential nature is pure and is never touched, affected or changed by any human experiencing and yet the human aspect seems to evolve by opening up to receive more (consciously) of the soul essence (unconditioned light). It happens by itself through the very experience of walking through this apparent time, space continuum as a limited human and it seems currently there’s a shift in consciousness whereby we can help it along by becoming more conscious, awake and aware of our inner terrain (energy centre activity).

The shift or expansion of consciousness continues infinitely but is so much lighter and freer when consciously navigated.

Clarity or our shared, original, unobscured, untouchable pristine nature, is the truth underneath EVERY human perception, but for most it is seemingly eclipsed or mixed with the ‘objects’ of human perception I.e thoughts, sensations, images and feelings (our stories of reality). The human experiences its reality as a kind of amalgam of clear awareness (its essence) mixed with thoughts, feelings, sensations and images. The amalgam is the ‘ego’ or finite mind (psyche). 

Our personal human history, our gender, our marital status, our relationships, our career, our roles, our feelings, our thoughts, our sensations, our perspectives on life, our biases, our dreams, our preferences, our perceptions i.e our identities and challenges are NOT essential to what we are and they are not consistently here, so they therefore do not qualify as the true “I” that is perceiving our personal life experience. 

So….What is ALWAYS here then?…Really contemplate that question for a moment….What was here when you experienced being born, then life as a 5 year old, a ten year old, when you got married, maybe had children? What has endured through every experience that came and went? What never comes or goes?…What always remains here?….What is the original perceiver of all of your fleeting and ephemeral life experiences?

Our original, pristine, infinite child like nature (essence) is pure love/ infinite abundance/ clear. empty  seeing and it is ALWAYS here. 

Our human identities thus far have been entrained to the vibration of fear/ lack.

All that qualifies itself to be the ‘actual' truth of what ‘I’ really am is what is lasting, what endures through everything, what is ALWAYS here…and that is AWARENESS, CLARITY, EMPTINESS, PRESENCE. It has no qualities, it has no description…IT SIMPLY IS….boundless freedom. It is indivisible, prior to the belief in separation. Always shining like the sun. Nothing can be added to it, nothing can be taken from it. It is infinitely complete, fulfilled and whole, already. But it isn’t a mantle, an object or an accolade to be reached or achieved. It is already underlying, as our essential nature; formless, infinite Being (awareness). It is our unity consciousness, unconditional love.

To begin shifting/ awakening in consciousness and living as our essential Being we must first begin to be aware of it, to then extricate ourselves consciously from what is not essential to us, until we arrive at whatever is not irreducible, until we can go no further back in to our consciousness. This is the beginning of conscious awakening; to first recognise what we really are, by recognising what we are not. From here we can begin to do what we are here to do, to shine unapologetically as our true, indefinable, untouchable nature, to integrate consciously all of the fearful, rejected parts of ourselves and each other. From here we alchemise darkness back in to light. From fear to love. To live with the vibrational frequency of freedom, joy and expansion of a child with the additional wisdom of an adult!

“When I look inside and see that I am nothing, that is wisdom. When I look outside and see that I am everything, that is love. And between these two, my life flows.”

― Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

To begin to shine as our authentic, original essence of love and clear light through the existing paradigm of fear. It begins with ourselves, each one at a time.

We humans have been (and continue to be) so hypnotised by the content of our experiencing (our program) i.e thoughts, sensations, projections, relationships, activities, desires, dramas, roles, that the experience of simply being aware (clarity & unconditional peace) is completely overlooked and ignored. This ignoring of simply ‘being aware’ in the vedantic tradition is referred to as living life in ‘ignorance.’ Christianity refers to it as the ‘fall’ from Grace. Spirit or essence seemingly deluded and lost in the illusion of solid matter. Biting from the apple of the tree of knowledge deludes us in to separation and therefore ‘knowing’ life instead of Being life. What I ‘know’ about myself, my life, about you, limits my experience. What I think I ‘know’ is the humans biggest downfall and limitation :).


The state or consequence of ignoring or overlooking our essential nature (clear, unknowable light) is a continual feeling of lack or agitation or not quite at home or fulfilled, even when we can seem to ‘have it all.’

It seems more humans are beginning to wake up to our original essence. It is felt here to be a natural and necessary part of the evolution of consciousness as the existing human paradigm (fear/ survival/ competition/ selfishly based) seems not conducive to the flourishing or thriving of our human species and life on earth.

(Y)our heart is (y)our connection to (y)our infinite soul intelligence; y(our) power Source.The aspect of you that isn’t deluded or eclipsed by the fearful/ survival ‘me and mine first’ based concepts of the human paradigm. 

The heart perceives no ‘other’ as separate from you. The heart IS unity consciousness.

To be ‘awake’ in this human dream of experiencing is to realise that you (we) are already the pristine clarity, the neutral awareness of all of our sensory perceptions including thought; thought is just another sensory field, like hearing (sound) or seeing (sight), or feeling (emotion).

We could say thought, sight, sound, emotion, sensation are all just sensory fields that we, as clear consciousness have access to through our nervous system.

As infinite, formless clarity. As pristine, untouchable Being, Source light, pure unlimited intelligence, we have these amazing bodies through which to perceive sound, sight, emotion, thought, sensation i.e ’experiencing’. We have this amazing experience to ‘experience’ love tangibly!!

Our greatest gift, that ultimately serves humanity’s evolution, as an apparent individual, is to vibrate (shine) beyond lack, beyond power and manipulation games and ego triggers, fears and projections - to vibrate as pure unconditional love, the vibration where there literally is no separation. It is felt here that as individuals we are here to shine like the sun through any perceivable darkness. To truly live from the heart; the love aspect of Being. No longer limited and controlled by the fear, separation, comparison and competition paradigm that our nervous systems have been entrained in to. That is living courageously, authentically and consciously.

When we start living from love (unity) instead of fear (separation) we begin consciously creating (make manifest in to form) our deepest hearts (souls) desires. We all have them. Life becomes our playground, instead of Groundhog Day!

From here we have no learned, conditioned limitation. We deeply realise our infinite potential.

We start doing what we want to do, instead of what we think we ‘should’ to, to avoid rejection. 

Living life through fear, through avoidance of rejection and seeking to ‘get’ love and remain safe is the hell realm!

Our protective mechanisms (identities) are created to protect us from feeling pain, embarrassment, humiliation, loneliness, rejection, failure, being ‘ousted’ etc, when growing up and developing. 

The child in you ALWAYS wants to be seen , heard, understood, unconditionally accepted, safe, loved, free to be exactly as it is without being told, judged or perceived as not good enough or rejected. We must now be the unconditionally loving parent to the inner child. (Y)our true essence is the love and safety that you (the world) have been waiting for.

We all want to just feel we are enough and how can we possibly feel that if we think it is a competition with each other, with only a limited amount of ‘enoughness’, power and love to go around!!…again this is hell!…fighting, striving, trying to be enough so as to be/ have more than others.

And yes you can know all this intellectually but the thoughts, feelings and sensations of the protector (fear) don’t just stop arising, they have gained huge momentum, the fear based paradigm has been in place for eons (Nervous system doesn’t just stop being triggered)) SO WHAT CAN WE DO???!!!

We must repeatedly flow our focus of attention back home in to the neutral field of awareness, pure potential, pure unconditional love, so as to begin seeing objectively the OBSCURING (lack) beliefs that are creating a fearful bias or projection of lack (remember you are the infinite clarity already). This creates SPACE between your true self and the reactions/ resistance/ blockages in your energy body and nervous system.

As you begin to live consciously with awareness one by one the layers of fear, limitation and delusion are dissolved and integrated (as you stop resisting/ feeding them). You can’t wait for life circumstances to do it for you. Nobody is a victim here, we all have our own unique karmic patterning to alchemise. We are all life, every aspect of it, the good, the bad and the ugly. We are all responsible somewhere along the line. We are all evolving together in unity as a species. In reality there is only unity consciousness. Separation is the illusion to be seen through.

Y(our) heart is (y)our connection to (y)our infinite soul intelligence; again it is your unlimited power Source. It is the aspect of us that isn’t deluded or eclipsed by the fearful/ survival ‘me and mine first’ based concepts of the human paradigm. You can imagine it like this. We are already the sun (the only ‘thing’ in the universe that is not dependant on anything else to exist, it is self creating - it relies on nuclear fusion - it is sustained by its own energy source - and yet ALL of existence relies on its energy)) So we are already the sun ‘appearing’ to have a human experience, ‘appearing’ to be eclipsed by clouds floating by, by the changing seasons, by night changing to day…yet the sun shines and is unaffected THROUGHOUT all changing appearances!!

Nothing can exist without the sunlight. We are the sunlight radiating through all experience, so that all experience is possible! All of our internal systems rely on the smooth flow of our energy.

We need to become consciously aware of our inner energy source (chakra system), so that we can feel where its not flowing freely. It’s flow is impeded over time by lack beliefs.

In the heart there is only ONE….and it is infinite, clear light…and it is what you (we) are. The creative Source or life force energy and animator of our entire reality.

We keep repeating/ believing the same limited current perceptual paradigm (entertaining the same thoughts, emotions and behaviours) then long or wish for a change in the future! Future doesn’t exist, it is an imagined idea. There’s only the sunlight of NOW continually flowing and expressing itself through our distorted lens of lack beliefs. It’s time to clean the lens - or at least see beyond the distortions, beyond the smudges on the windscreen!

By opening your energy channels (chakra system, energy body) you reconnect to Source nature (beyond mind perspectives) and integrate outdated energy blocks and naturally perceive a higher frequency of experiencing HERE….NOW. The power to change/ evolve beyond current experiencing is always and only You only ever experience the ‘current’ :). Is your light/ dimmer switch set to low, medium or high?

Your energy frequency/ vibration is the lens of your perceptions. You perceive according to your own energy field. As your energy vibration is. There’s nothing personal in this, nobody is better/ worse than anybody else. It is all nature being itself perfectly.

Your belief systems are like the cookie cutters of unlimited potential! The pure sunlight that you are can only cast the shadows of belief systems.

A trigger (perceptual reality) activates the stuck, latent energy of a samskaras (hindu term for old patterns of the psyche, in judaism referred to as Tikun), energy rushes in to enable expansion of consciousness, but if one is not aware then the increase in power activates mind (mental activity) as it desperately tries to understand and fix the reactivity. This is how the loops of stimulus/ reaction perpetuate. 

Conscious AWARENESS provides a circuit breaker in the patterns of habitual reactivity.

Use the increase in energy to BE with the reactivity…breathe through…expand your energy field…this is how samskara’s are seen through, digested, metabolised and integrated. This IS the work.

Samskaras can be triggered by actual events or even imagining the triggering person or event (it’s in our mind but affects every system). If the extra energy is not utilised to expand your consciousness and evolve beyond the block it inverts and wreaks havoc in the internal systems, and therefore the body.

Samskaras roots are in the original belief in separation, childhood trauma or generational trauma etc..i.e karma. Karma is neither good or bad; it is just lifes natural expression through your human form experience. Simply patterns in nature.

Again in order to release, metabolise and integrate stuck (traumatised) energy we must first recognise who/ what we are - pure infinite consciousness, awareness, pure sunlight. From this expanded, objective perspective we cultivate the safety, openness, ability and skill (which becomes a kind of art form :)) to be still enough to be in our bodies and  BE present with triggers and reactivity in the body as it arises….to learn, to evolve through love ‘with’ them. 

We start to be curious and open instead of avoidant and fearful. What is this feeling trying to communicate to me? What’s going on in my body here? What am I actually feeling in my body? What energy centre is being activated? What am I so afraid of? Why do I react this way around this person? 

This is waking up :), taking responsibility for our own energy field & flow. 

Life becomes interesting and expansive as we flow back in to the open curiosity of a child learning about its own energy systems and functioning.

This is deep, somatic work and obviously isn’t for everyone. If these words resonate then obviously it is relevant for you. If not you probably wouldn’t still be reading :).

I’ll soon write a comprehensive guide to somatically being with, loving and reintegrating samskara’s ( karmic energy patterns).

Call or text if you’d like a guide through your process of awakening, I fully appreciate how disorientating it can be :)

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