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Becoming a conscious manifester of Reality

Until we awaken to our True, infinite nature or Soul we are living a life dictated (capped) by our conditioned and inherited subconsciously programmed limitations.

Our reality really is limited only by our subconscious beliefs. How do we know what they are if they are subconscious? Look at EVERY aspect of your experienced reality, it is a pure reflection of your beliefs. Nothing more, nothing less. Our reality, exactly as it is, thoughts, sensations, feelings, appearances, experiencing, every bit of it, is OUR subconscious karma. Karma isn’t punishment, it is Gods/ Source’s gift of awareness, the way of showing us what we are believing to be true and real. What are we buying in to? What perspectives and biases are we upholding and perpetuating?

Our subconscious beliefs are the ‘cookie cutters’ for the infinite, pure potential consciousness that we as Soul consciousness are.

Our subconscious beliefs convolute infinite potential (Soul essence/ pure light) in to form appearance.

To become liberated and to live life by our heart felt design (our Soul purpose) involves a process of reverse engineering :) as it were. We need to become still enough to actually analyse and therefore understand the current design, structure and functionality of our working system (body/ mind), taking responsibility for our creation, no longer living in victim consciousness or powerlessness. Truly realising our creative intelligence and sovereignty. Working backwards in order to deconstruct it. This is true empowerment. Where are our beliefs working for us? Where are they limiting us? How are my relationships with family, with anyone? Where am I feeling abundant, fulfilled and content? Where am I feeling blocked, frustrated, powerless, unsafe or confused? Where do I need to speak up? Where do I need to do something different? Why do I feel so stifled in expressing my needs and wants? What am I so afraid will happen? Lean in to the fear…this is your key to freedom…’s on the other side of that fear.

The energetic chakra system of our human body is where the flow of life force energy from Source (our Soul) converts in to our projected reality. Where is our life force blocked and why? What are we believing to be true that is limiting our free flow of life-force energy?

Life force energy that is severely blocked oftentimes becomes anxiety and depression. The life force needs to flow in order for us to be happy, healthy humans. We can only unblock it when we become still enough to be aware of the somatic sensations of contracted energy. Then we can consciously listen to the stories in our bodies, open up to our Divine feminine energy and soften and open to the contracted sensations. They want to be heard, loved, allowed,.Just like little children. We must become the Divine loving parent to our stifled and afraid inner child. Otherwise the patterns just perpetuate through our karmic lines.

When our life force is flowing freely, we are said to be ‘in flow’. We really believe (until we don’t :)), that this being ‘in flow’ state happens rarely and is an amazing feeling when it happens, but that it doesn’t ‘happen’ often. 

BEING IN FLOW IS OUR NATURAL STATE! But our lack beliefs seemingly hamper that flow. As children we were convinced out of our ‘flow state’ with rules and ‘seriousness’ of the belief burdened adults. We then unwittingly became those belief burdened adults. We have the freedom to stop the seriousness…and let our life force energy flow…we really do.

We can't be 'in flow' and a slave to the matrix of belief systems at the same time. We can't be 'in flow' singing a song if we are distracted by 'trying' to sound perfect to someone else. We can't be 'in flow' playing tennis if we are 'trying' not to lose. We can't be 'in flow' with our partners if we are 'trying' to not get our asses dumped!

And we can't be 'in flow' if we are 'trying' to be in flow. But we can recognise when we are not 'in flow' i.e when we are not feeling expansive and at peace and be simply aware of whatever thoughts, sensations and feelings are arising in contradiction to flow...and explore 100 percent with them without

Life force energy is limitless potential but can only flow in to our reality according to the beliefs that we have accumulated within the energy centres. Our beliefs have been inherited genetically and our life story is being interpreted/ projected through them. Each has its own vibrational frequency. The vibrational frequency of your beliefs are your harmonics as it were, singing the song of your creation in to the quantum field of experiencing; your life experience (every aspect). 

The beliefs are like little filters (light frequencies) in each energy centre, translating pure light in to form appearance, like a hologram. Your beliefs are literally creating your life experience. By recognising, admitting, dissolving and integrating the lack belief you free up more life force energy. More abundance, more joy, more love can then 'flow' in to your reality. Your energy system is the container. of your energetic frequency. What shows up in your life is magnetised by your frequency. Like attracts like. The higher the frequencies it can contain…the more fulfilled, peaceful and loving your life becomes. The higher your vibrational frequency the more attuned you become with your Soul frequency...the more you experience the interconnectedness of reality. Oneness...Unity is deeply realised that what you do to another you do to yourself. How you perceive are perceiving yourSELF! ALL your loud and silent judgements are your judgements of yourself. Your life experience is as YOU are. You perceive 'others' as your subconscious perceives your conscious. I

Life is an inside job! From this space you could never harm another...even in thought. You can't fake, think, meditate or will your way to a higher vibrational frequency. Although of course meditation is amazing to unplug your attention from the craziness (minds projections) enough to actually 'feel' your current vibrational frequency and contractions in the system. Only through absolute honesty and integrity with your thoughts, sensations and feelings EXACTLY as they are does Grace begin to open you up. And Grace decides. Deep humility and reverence to this gift of aliveness is an essential ingredient.

Source is inside you!

Just like the sun shining through the prism of a raindrop and creating a beautiful rainbow. The rainbow isn’t really there but it certainly looks real. Such is every nuanced perception of our life experience but a story spun in to reality by the beliefs in our consciousness!

Many years ago I was awoken out of a deep sleep and life showed me how form creation comes in to front of my sleepy eyes a light started swirling and I intuitively knew it was creating a shape. Life through intuition was showing me that our reality is pure light frequencies vibrating , swirling in to form. This led to my intrigue of quantum mechanics. The shape was a single, used, black ballet shoe and life spoke to me through intuition, telling me the secrets of past lives and how I'd been a ballet dancer in a previous life. I've seen and healed many of my cellular traumas from past lives, not through 'trying' to elicit the trance state but by simply being sensitive and open enough when my system wants to heal itself and release trauma (this can come with images and strong emotional cathartic release).

We all have access to this deep intuition. You know when you are accessing your Soul truth because every part of your being vibrates and feels like an all encompassing love that knows no bounds. WE ALL HAVE IT. Life shared with me how life never ends, it is an infinite continuum, a diverse array of timelines, intersecting, infinitely. All happening now. There really is no death per se. Once connected through the heart...that love is infinite.

Only love is real....

Your Soul has a purpose, a particular harmony, a particular vibrational frequency, your unique song, your contribution to the collective whole….that it wants to reverberate in to reality….throughout all space and time…when it is joyfully sung it uplifts all!

Who would have thought…God/ Source just wants your joy…your beautiful light shining brightly…and YOU are the only one who can give yourself permission to let it shine!…not when you've ‘fixed’ all your perceived flaws and issues, or everyone else’s…NOW!!!

Love is only HERE...NOW...THIS MOMENT.

Your soul communicates its heartfelt desired purpose (Divine harmony) through the feeling of resonance. What ‘feels’ good in your body is right for you. This is you, calling you, home to you. Soulful resonance.

Your work as a Soul in this life, is to truly live out your Soul purpose, your reason for being alive, the fulfilment you have always searched for, is to attune yourself to the resonance of your Soul, your unique individual blue print, your deepest, honest, authentic expression of truth, moment to moment. 

Your work as a Soul, that will take you home to deep unconditional peace, is to tune out of the chaos, temptations and gravitational pull of the worldly delusions and all that is wrong (the mental construct), 

To Tune in to YOUR resonance, what truly calls you from the heart, It is your guide home to the deep rest, peace and fulfilment of your Soul essence.

From this space, from your true vibrational frequency, all that is not conducive or true to YOUR heart (your Soul) will arise to be admitted, allowed, dissolved, integrated and evolved beyond.

This is when life can deliver YOUR authentic version of life to you....when you are still and open enough to receive it....or rather this is how you evolve in to it.

Then everything you think, feel, say and do is aligned with your highest Self.

When your energy centres are all attuned to your Soul frequency, when your subconscious has become conscious, you are now creating life consciously. You are living your Souls purpose. This integration, attunement, will be reflected in your life projection. It is then realised that what is being lived is always what is wanted.

This is walking your Souls path. 

Here there is no doubt….

Here you are free to Be you….perfectly.

The ego wants to be perceived or acknowledged or seen as a particular someone eg spiritual, kind, successful, peaceful, beautiful, liberated, giving etc..It is always trying to maintain a position...a solid form....

The soul just wants to vibrate freely as its own authentic expression, naturally...through the body moment to moment. It can't be perceived or seen. It can only vibrate as itself. Tune in to its frequency...until YOU dissolve.

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