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The resolution or ‘continual’ state of peace, joy or contentment that the human psychological mind seeks for itself is an impossibility. The very idea that disturbing or distressing feelings are wrong or need to be different, fixed or satiated IS the suffering.

If we didn’t know heartbreak we wouldn’t know love. Life is a dualistic play of opposites.

Mind says “If ‘I’ felt better everything would be resolved”. “If …if….if….”

Mind has so many ideas and concepts about how you or the body/mind should be or feel in life. So much distress can be alleviated as it is realised that there is only Life (a singularity) living through you as it were.

Meditation can be an amazing practice for the individual to begin to just be with whatever is arising, without judgement, without trying to be rid of anything.

Difficult feelings and emotions seem to dissipate much quicker when they are not rejected.

When EVERYTHING that arises is made welcome, even resistance, life seems to flow more smoothly.

Feelings that arise do not say anything about you. They are just feelings.

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