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Creativity is our way to fulfilment and wellbeing

We as humans are infinite potential, creative energy, in a human form. The natural tendency for infinite potential is to ‘create’. If we are not individually creating, we suffer and stagnate. Life naturally explores and evolves through creativity. Creativity is our life force, our power.

The energy or potential of infinity (creativity) is always flowing through us but if it is stifled in rumination of past, if it is stuck in old self defeating patterns of thought and behaviour, we suffer. If play dough isn’t used regularly in creative play it becomes brittle and it breaks.

Life force, potential energy must create ‘anew’, creativity is its essence. As humans, creativity is our essence.

It doesn’t matter how seemingly small that new creation is you will feel more fulfilled and at peace as you use infinite potential (your being) to create, again it is our essence. By doing at least one new act of creation each day you will be steering life force in a positive direction. You will immediately benefit.

Creativity maybe making something different to eat, walking along a path you may not walk down usually, it maybe creating a piece of art eg writing, painting, drawing, sculpting. Creation can be anything! But by using your creative energy to create (as it is intended) you will feel more peaceful, naturally fulfilled and energised.

Creativity is how energy is recycled and replenished through our bodies. Anything that is not used becomes stagnant.

Creativity is essential to our wellbeing!

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