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Life is always fresh, free, spontaneous and unknowable

I can remember the innocence of not having an identity; not having a fixed image of how I perceived my Self to be. No imagination of how I looked or was possibly perceived by others. My self identity hadn’t been grown! There was not ‘me’ and ‘my’ life…there was just spontaneous Life!

I can remember the innocence before comparison entered the equation of life. I can remember just being in life; enjoying friends, family, life experiences, as a free entity. Life enjoying itself, with no fixed ideas of how ‘I’ was or appeared to others, or possibilities of how ‘I’ or life should or could be improved. Just blissful freedom of childhood existence. Exquisite innocence. Spontaneous life living itself!

That doesn’t mean to say it was all rosy and perfect, but it was free and liberated because there were no comparisons in the equation. No fixed positions about life, therefore no limitations. No psychological or imagined alternatives that ‘should’ or ‘could’ be appearing. This is the joy and freedom we seek, the childhood innocence of full acceptance of this moment, (life, ourselves and others) however it unfolds.

As we age and become more established in the conditioned, imagined beliefs about ourselves, life and others, we are living a kind of pseudo existence. An 'individual' existence arising in the thoughts and imaginings of our individual identity, rather than the unconditioned freedom of life itself.

Life is so free, spontaneous, magical and ultimately unknowable…

There is obviously only ‘What is appearing’…

When we ‘think’ we know life …we box and limit its natural, free expression. We create monotony.

We shortchange ourselves of the incredible, scintillating mystery that this moment always is!

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