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Life wants to create through your joyful expression

While mind was on its journey of awakening here it often used to contemplate if in the natural reality there’s no actual separation at all, no me, no other, then where does motivation to do anything arise from?….what motivates movement at all?

It is felt here that creation itself, life itself is pure creativity. It is the essence that flows through us, as us. Life is creativity. Not for any reason, not to achieve or accomplish anything, not at all for ‘results’ but for the vibrant aliveness and exhilaration of creativity itself.

Life evolves naturally through creativity. It becomes ‘more’. You can observe this with children naturally playing; it’s how they learn to navigate and negotiate with each other, with life. They evolve as beings through natural, creative play. Their little malleable mind energy or consciousness is relaxed and open and learning effortlessly. Downloading without effort, or stress, or fear of getting life wrong. You see the aliveness, the vibrancy in natural expression.

Creative life force IS life, it is felt here that without direction and focus in some form of creative, playful pursuit then it internalises, stagnates and creates havoc in the nervous system. Just backed up life force energy that is suppressed and dying to express itself creatively, freely, playfully, uniquely and authentically.

Humans need creative endeavours and outlets to express themselves, to keep them feeling fresh, vibrant, healthy….ALIVE! Each human is so unique and each has its own form of creative expression. What is it that you do that makes you feel alive, at peace, ‘in flow’? It may take a while to discover that for yourself if it has been suppressed through life’s apparent obligations! Being the perfect mother, father, son, daughter, provider, achiever, helper etc…nothing wrong with any of these endeavours but how much ‘in flow’ are you while doing them? How authentic and free in your expression?

Our life force energy needs to be focused towards ‘newness’, otherwise it reverts to default mode and just repeats old dramas, stories and patterns in the psyche. Like a machine left on a ‘repeat’ cycle….treading the same neural pathways day in, day out.

We say “I’m too busy, I don’t have time to go for a walk along the beach, a hike in the mountains to soak up nature in her glory,, or to take a yoga, cooking or art class”. Our creative pursuits can seem self indulgent.

Of course there are obligations we need to meet but it is essential for health and wellbeing that we also meet our innate need to express ourselves freely, creatively and playfully. It is essential to ENJOY ourselves too!

To change up the old default mode and step in to creativity flow you can just start small - maybe 5 mins meditation, maybe put your left shoe on before your right, maybe on your drive to work try a different radio station, maybe where you would usually go in to a familiar self punishing thought streams about something or someone, anything,

just STOP……

breathe deeply…

and let all of the old mental and emotional baggage go…..

Step into newness, freshness, NOWness

When you are ‘in flow’, when you feel free, vibrant, alive you are not only giving to yourself, you are giving to life.

YOU are life!

YOU being you is allowing life to be and express itself freely!…

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