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Our Beliefs Shape our Perception of Reality.

Our mindset in life is EVERYTHING...we don’t even realise that our perspectives or how we view reality...what we think is possible or impossible for ourselves has been set by the age of seven (apparently).

Our brains have absorbed all of the beliefs of the people we looked up to for love and safety (survival) in our environments and we subconsciously became like them so that we were not rejected....It’s a natural process. (or we stood staunchly opposed “I’m not going to be like that” - which also subconsciously limits us).

We adopted their inherited limitations...their principals...their fears...their models of reality...beneficial & sometimes not so beneficial traits . (or again we spent copious amounts of energy rejecting their positions...and may continue to reject life in the same manner).

The formative programming is determining our reality EVERY DAY!!

Outdated beliefs inherited from birth are STILL limiting our experience of reality...Infinite potential is being convoluted in to shapes made out of our subconscious beliefs...and is appearing as our life.

So look at what isn’t working in your life...where are you feeling stuck or limited or discontent?.

It is in these areas where outdated and irrelevant subconscious programs are still running & need to be questioned.

Ask yourself - What am I believing here that is causing this lack or limitation to keep appearing?

Challenge these beliefs.“Is it really true that I don’t deserve love and respect from a partner or people in my life?”

“Is it really true that I’m not worthy of financial abundance...contentment...or the ‘nicer’ things in life?”

“Is it really true that only the ‘chosen’ few have ‘successful’..abundant...contented... lives?”

Just by contemplating/challenging beliefs that have shaped our reality since childhood they can begin to loosen and dissolve.

Life can then begin to reflect these subconscious changes accordingly.

Life is always FOR is simply reflecting back to you in every moment what YOU are believing to be true.

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