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The body never lies

As it is realised that there has never been separation from the wholeness of life it is also realised that there is no particular ‘way’ that the body/mind ‘should’ show up in life. This IS the freedom. Nobody is actually separate and outside of whatever life is to be able to determine how a human ‘should’ be. There is no authority figure leading the ‘right’ way to be in the natural reality.

Of course there are conventions and systems of accepted social etiquette that it is wise to try to conform to but beyond that, life really is free doing its thing, ‘being’ however it shows up.

Sometimes there’s fear in the body/mind, sometimes resistance, other times expansion, bliss, joy. Every sensation, emotion and feeling IS freedom fully expressing itself through and as the body. Life’s expressions are so mysterious and ultimately unknowable.

The curious thing is that when feelings, emotions and sensations aren’t judged as negative or that they are out of place or should be healed or medicated away (as though we ‘know’ how the body/mind should be or feel in every moment ) then something interesting happens. When we stop contorting the body/mind to fit into the shapes, paradigms and relationships that we have been conditioned to believe will bring us happiness, amazing changes happen.

We begin to really reconnect and tune in to our truest version of ourselves. We slow things down and begin to really listen to the subtle and not so subtle ways that the body/mind instrument is trying to communicate with us. Because it is ALWAYS trying to talk to us. IT always knows what feels right.

Are we really available to listen? Like a caring parent to an infant, before it has the ability to talk, really tuning in and asking with an open curiosity. “What do you want, what are you trying to tell me?”

The body never lies.

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