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When the mind is freaking out!

When the nervous system is triggered causing mental rumination, be still, tune back in to the energy body and the breath. 

Come back to stillness...your inner centre...

Allow & fully feel the emotion & sensations in your energy body, let them speak themselves out truthfully eg "I'm afraid I'll never find love, I'm afraid something really bad is going to happen, I'm terrified I just don't know what to do about this situation" really be present with them, no judgement. Let them kick, scream and shout or cry freely within you. When they are all talked out and feel lighter, replace the triggered rumination/ old looping story with a contemplation of the opposite energy polarity (our amazing energy system is always just seeking balance & equilibrium).

Eg - when failure, confusion, guilt, self doubt or fear is triggered don’t get ‘stuck’ in the 'mental' replay.- fully 'be' with the feelings then when cleared or at least lighter - ask “I wonder what it would feel like to feel deeply at peace in life…to be doubt free, to feel safe and unconditionally loved etc”

Contemplation and open curiosity accesses a higher functioning within the brain and takes you out of the fear and lack program (old mental, neural looping pathways) and opens you up to possibility, creating access to your true potential.

Really cultivate the vibrational frequency/ feelings of what is truly wanted by the lack energy, use your imagination for contemplating, creating space for & being ‘open’ to receive ‘wanted’ feelings.

Create the space within yourself so that you are open and therefore CAN receive the desired vibrational frequency (what you want). If you are vibrating lack and fear in your energy field that is what is projected on to the reality. The energy of fear, lack and unworthiness must first be admitted, acknowledged consciously and felt so that its vibration can be raised. Only through deep humility, honesty and acceptance within ourselves do we evolve through love beyond lack.

We are so used to (addicted to!) using our amazing imaginations to create 'negative' scenarios in our minds. It is how we've been programmed! Being present to your current vibrational patterning raises you out of old (generational) karmic patterns (stops feeding them), and naturally expands your consciousness to be able to receive a higher vibrational frequency of experiencing.

This is how your manifested reality changes, only when the existing inner energy patterns are faced, allowed, loved, integrated and evolved beyond.

Our reality is whatever we ‘believe’ it is. We are whatever beliefs we buy in to. We are master creators; spinning infinite light in to form!

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re probably right.”

                                              Henry Ford.


Make a conscious choice to ‘believe’ yourself to be pure love & goodness. Only YOU have the power to make that choice.


We are so powerful as pure light creative beings that whatever we ‘believe’ feels completely true.

Stay in and as the light always! Even when not so nice thoughts, feelings and sensations arise.

They don’t define you…they are not true per se…they just want your love…presence…so that they can evolve and shine too!

Open up & Shine !!!!

As always if you need a safe healing space or a hand to hold through your inner transformation - don't hesitate to text for an appointment 0432 659 044

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Stefania De Gioannis
Stefania De Gioannis
May 19

That is exactly what I needed to read, in this very moment!

Your timing is incredible.

Thank you Melanie, I loved it

Melanie Barrett
Melanie Barrett
May 20
Replying to

You’re so welcome Stefania! Glad it was helpful ❤️🌟

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