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You do you

Life only wants your authenticity. When we believe ourselves to be separate from Source or universal intelligent creation (Life), we live our lives frantically trying to ‘fit’ ‘out there’. We’ve been trained in the ways of existing paradigms of our societies; as though there are particular ways of being; morally, ethically, culturally, aesthetically, etc that we must adhere be be be be worthy...these indoctrinated codes of conducting ourselves, our lives, become indelibly printed on our beautiful, innocent, free minds. To deviate from these existing systems in the way that we think, feel and act feels somehow wrong....and yet the Soul of life (You) screams to break free of the shackles. You are a free Being. You are Life itSelf... You do not need to ‘fit’ anywhere. Howabout you start to see if situations and circumstances fit YOU instead ?! Life only wants to be uniquely you..EXACTLY as you are...with all of your unique wants...dreams and desires. Every single moment you know exactly what intuitively feels right or wrong...let the yes or no in the moment guide you...let the details sort themselves out...the more you trust yourSelf moment by moment Life begins to express itself through you in the most wonderfully peaceful, free, loving and exciting ways..(might rock a few boats initially :))... Be brave... Be YOU in every moment.... unapologetically... You can't get you wrong...

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