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It is felt here that this experience that we call life is designed purely for the

purpose of soul growth. There are no mistakes or coincidences in

the set up or design. Wherever you are at any given time is

precisely where you are supposed to be. Each scenario serves as

a Divine catalyst to elicit beautiful inner change and growth; evolution of the Soul.

We have free will or choice to either perpetuate negative circumstance

by grasping, reacting and resisting specific emotions triggered by

circumstance, or we can simply breathe deeper in response to

triggered emotion, fully and deeply allowing, connecting to the breath and allowing that

anchor of breath to still the wheels of the mental mind…to then as a

result open the heart further, allowing the sweet embrace of the heart to dissolve resistance.

No longer trying to mentally or physically manipulate circumstance to create the desired

feeling of inner alignment but allowing the breath and heart opening to bring

forth the inner alignment that external experience can rest

lovingly within! Paradoxically it is the unconditional allowing of 'what is' that generates the desired

change of circumstance. Our inner resistance to circumstance can perpetuate lifetimes of struggle.

Wishing you a Beautiful Day.

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Stefania De Gioannis
Stefania De Gioannis
Feb 11

I feel connected with what you wrote about life.

I am working on not manipulating circumstances allowing the breath and the heart to open to "what is"

My life is so much more is beautiful!

Thank you, Melanie, your wise words are very much appreciated.

Melanie Barrett
Melanie Barrett
Feb 11
Replying to

Thanks for sharing beautiful! 💖

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