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No thought has ever defined you

This moment, which is all there is, is perfection because IT IS. It isn’t an isolated point in a stream of time, on its way to ‘more’ or ‘better’. It isn’t ‘becoming’. It is already Wholeness, completion.

This moment, infinitely here, is timeless. It is infinitely boundless and free. It is what you are. Utterly perfect in its incomparable singularity.

Our separate identity or sense of who we ‘think’ we are is a collection of memories and images that mysteriously seemingly forms a contracted pseudo entity that seems to be moving along a timeline, somehow heading towards ‘enough’; love, safety, completion or fulfilment. There never has really been anything separate in this moment, just a sense or feeling of 'me' separate from the Wholeness of life.

An amazing, mysterious gift of life in human form is that we can feel separate, autonomous and free to boundlessly create and connect! But when we take it to be the Absolute Truth of reality it can cause suffering.


Thoughts seemingly orbit our experience and stick to our identity (who we think we are), like flies attaching to sticky fly paper.

This automatic claiming of thoughts as ‘true’ seemingly reconfigures a separate entity ‘in time’ that is believed to be my Self. We can spend lifetimes trying to perfect this fictional character. It’s like playing ‘Whack a mole’. Thoughts creating beliefs, beliefs perpetuating thoughts, an endless loop of imperfection! Although, it must be said that there’s nothing wrong with anything that happens and if help is sort for the suffering of the human condition then that’s obviously perfect too.

The thoughts and emotions are seemingly claimed and owned when resisted and reacted to by the identity. Our identity (mostly subconscious) is conditioned ideas of who we think we are and how we think we need to be perceived (to be accepted, safe & loved). This automatic claiming of thoughts happens within you as it were, but you are already the boundless freedom observing the play.

Because the identity is in a sense a protective gatekeeper or filtering of experience, it resists some thoughts and emotions which ironically IS the claiming and solidifying of them. This very process of solidifying energy in to a 'me in time' creates the yearning to be purified or free or more perfect or less that way or more this way! The resistance IS the separate sense of a someone or something needing to be fixed! What we resist persists in our experience! This seeming solidifying or making thought ‘real’ and about ‘me’ IS the continual reconfiguration of the felt sense of separation.

Without resistance life flows effortlessly, doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges or painful experiences, but there’s no suffering per se. There’s no longer a separate identity claiming anything. There’s no longer a sense that something is wrong or shouldn’t be happening. It is an ALL inclusive reality. It is realised that no thought or emotion is saying something about who I am or ‘need’ to be. It’s just life… free flowing energy.

It IS the felt sense of separation that is the suffering of the human, not specific thoughts, emotions and experiences. The felt sense that I am 'only' a separate part of Life is the suffering for the human. It feels that it has been kicked out of Nirvana or Wholeness.The human IS life itself. You have never been separate from the unconditional, eternal love of life itself.

Our identity really believes that by sorting and collating thoughts, sensations, emotions and experiences perfectly enough it will somehow arrive at a continual ‘state’ of freedom, peace, love, belonging and safety. A dog chasing its tail.

The perfection that is sort by the identity already is. Within and as every appearance.

If I have no preconceived conceptual ideas about how ‘I’ or life or ‘other’ ‘should’ better present itself then I am as free as an infant to be open and curious…

…exploring infinitely life’s precious, ever fresh natural expressions…..

In full realisation that “I’, life and ‘other’ are eternally One…

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